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How To Deep Condition Low Porosity Hair

So, you have low porosity hair? Gorgeous, but hard to keep moisturized, are we right? The challenge with low porosity hair is that the cuticles are tightly packed supporting the integrity of your hair strands, but making it really hard to get moisture inside! So many of our low porosity

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Hair Education
6 Key Signs You Have High Porosity Hair

If you’ve been paying attention to the hair influencers, hair magazines and/or blogs you’ve likely heard about hair porosity. While curl pattern was the most talked about hair attribute a few years ago, hair porosity has quickly shot up in popularity with more and more women trying to understand it.

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Growing Long Relaxed Hair
Hair Education
Growing Long Relaxed Hair: The Ultimate Guide

Introduction Hey there, MMARA™ babe! If you’re reading this, we’re going to guess you are a relaxed lady, or thinking about becoming a relaxed lady. In recent years there has been a huge surge in women of color shunning relaxers in favor of their natural curls, coils and kink. With

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the mmara
Hair Science
Hair Porosity: What it is and Why is Matters

It seems like everywhere you go people are talking about hair porosity. It first started with countless videos on hair with low porosity and then a number of videos on hair with high porosity popped up. But in most of these videos, you encounter the same formula. The maker of

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